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Wireless Mist Cooling Fan - With Long Backup Battery

₹ 2,750.00

  • Mini Portable Cooler Mini portable fan can be carried anywhere. Its water tank has a capacity of 1 litre. Fill in the tank above the probe level and get cool wind from a table-top fan!
  • Long Battery Life 4000 mAH battery which enables fan to run for long hours upto 13 hours!
  • 5 gear wind power Choose speed for this 5-gear fan. Just remember, the strong one gets really strong and windy! Be prepared to put on a sheet when choosing strong mode!
  • Automatic Cut-Off When tank water level goes below the probe marking, fan automatically turns off to save engine from destruction.
  • Easy to clean Easily remove front net to clean the fan.
  • 45 degree rotation Tilt the fan upto 45 degrees to set perfect cooling angles.
  • Rechargeable Easily recharge fan with a usb cable.
  • Color Option White