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Auto Foaming Soap Dispenser

₹ 2,100.00

Why touch the soap dispenser when you can safely and distantly wash your hands with this auto-foaming solution!


High precision sensor - IR sensor that detects your hand from as far away as 1.5 inches. No need to ever "hand pump" soap again! Just place your hand underneath the sensor to get the foam dispensed automatically.

Fast dispensing speed - Only in about 0.25 seconds of successful detection.

No need to buy a different soap - Works with most liquid soaps. No need to get a special soap for this one. Just make sure a proper liquid consistency for better performance.

High/ Low foam mode - You can switch between high and low foaming mode by pressing power button for 3 seconds. Try and figure out which mode works best for your needs

Stylish and convenient - This being a stylish dispenser adds to the beauty of the place where it is installed. Hence, no limits to where you can place it.

Easy to install - Just insert batteries and liquid soap and the dispenser is ready to use. Place it anywhere from bathroom or kitchen or dining room or office area.

Multipurpose - Can be used with sanitizer liquids too

Color - White


Please see usage instructions below:

Usage instructions

Usage instructions