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DIY Water Wheel Coaster

₹ 2,999.00

Are you a fan of roller coasters? Does coasters' giantness and working amuse you? Here is your chance to turn that amusement into reality and let others wonder about the beauty you created! Build a coaster slide on your own, completely from scratch and see the magic it does for the tiny ball bearings!


  • Interesting and intriguing DIY 3D assembly coaster slide
  • Immerse in a journey of bringing your dream into reality
  • Realistic design, has elegant lines and automatic shunting fork
  • After proper assembly, ball can be rolled along the track
  • Fantastic practical use of science and mathematics; you will get a feeling of solving equations while making sure everything fits together perfectly
  • Aimed at enhancing spatial and mechanical skills while having ultimate fun
  • Model made of high-quality wood
  • Precise laser-cut pieces for easy fixing
  • 233 wooden pieces
  • Carefully follow instructions from manual

Safety instructions:

  • Keep away from children; small parts can cause choking hazards.
  • Minimum age: 14

What you get : A box of wooden sheets which have laser-cut numbered pieces

What you need to do: Follow the manual and carefully remove the piece one by one. Do not remove all pieces at once. Only remove the asked piece. Like if manual says, step 1 is to remove piece 'C5' then, find C5 and just remove that. Each wooden plank is named alphabetically and each piece in plank is named alpha-numberically. So, C5 piece could be found in plank 'C'.

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