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Foldable Portable Fan

₹ 2,150.00

  • Multi-function Here is a magic fan that can be used as per situation. Use it as a desk fan in office or home kitchen. Use it as a smart floor fan in living room or fold it and carry it in your luggage when going camping and make it a picnic fan!
  • Easily Stored Or Carried Folded height 9.5 x 20 cms and weighing just 0.5kgs. It folds to be a small one making it an ideal choice for storage or outdoor usage (Eg: Outdoor Picnic, Hike, Camping, Beach, and Anywhere that needs cool wind).
  • Non-Slip Folding Design Anti-Skid design is added at the bottom of the fan, it can well fit on the table or the ground. This makes the folding fan stable and calm, non-shaky when working.
  • 4 wind speeds This folding fan has 4 wind speeds, which will meet your different needs. It supports 180°rotation that allows you to get airflow from different directions, keeping you cool in every angle.
  • Low noise design Friction free motion of blades provides a soft and comfortable wind to you. You can realize a quiet indoor environment while working, studying or watching television.
  • Rechargeable Built-in 7200 mAh lithium-ion battery. Fully charged, lasts upto 5-25 hours (depending on different speeds). USB rechargeable so battery will never be an issue!
  • Easy to open and easy to clean Worry about the dust in the fan? This fan is easy to open and easy to clean. Just hold the fan cover with both hands and start rotating the frame in anti-clockwise direction to open. Then take out the detachable cover to clean the dust. So convenient!
  • Color Option White