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Sound Control Walking T-Rex Wooden Puzzle

₹ 2,099.00

Love legos? Love solving puzzles? Love Dinosaurs?!! Then, this ferocious dino is for you; waiting to roar once you fix its pieces together!


  • Interesting DIY 3D Assembly Dinosaur Puzzle
  • Immerse in a journey of building model from scratch; a model that moves, roars!
  • Aimed at enhancing spatial and mechanical skills while having ultimate fun
  • Model made of high-quality wood
  • Sound activated; batteries needed (not included)
  • Walking and Roaring Dinosaurs
  • Sound Control:
    • Clap once - T-Rex moves forward;
    • Clap twice - T-Rex goes right;
    • Clap thrice - T-Rex goes left
  • Precise laser-cut details for easy fixing
  • 85 wooden pieces
  • Carefully follow instructions from manual

Safety instructions:

  • Keep away from children; small parts can cause choking hazards.
  • Minimum age: 12

What you get : A box of wooden sheets which have laser-cut numbered pieces

What you need to do: Follow the manual and carefully remove the piece one by one. Do not remove all pieces at once. Only remove the asked piece. Like if manual says, step 1 is to remove piece 'C5' then, find C5 and just remove that. Each wooden plank is named alphabetically and each piece in plank is named alpha-numberically. So, C5 piece could be found in plank 'C'.

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