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UV Sanitizing Wand

₹ 2,100.00

A household must these days! Worrying about sanitizing your delicate belongings? Like mobile phone, jewellery, watch, currency notes, even face masks!. These fragile items are risky to sanitize in regular manner; since alcohol can prove harmful to them!

This is a solution to alcohol-free sanitization of your precious belongings. Sanitize everything by running this UV light wand over them. Touch-free way of sanitizing everything!

You can use this method to sanitize even vegetables and delicate possessions as it is a purely harmless way to sterilize. Using this method, you can sterilize your entire home/ office space. Just run the wand over door handles, bed sheets, utensils, staircase handles. Anything/ any place you feel is touched often; just sterilize it!

Please note: This product requires 4AA batteries which you need to buy separately.