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Rechargable Nano Mist Sanitizer Sprayer (Set of 2)

₹ 500.00₹ 998.00


  • Set of 2

A quick and hands-free way of sanitizing your essentials. With its help, keep all your essentials like hands, face, currency, car steering wheel, keys, clothes, laptop, mobile etc. clean everytime. Carry this with you everywhere.

USB Rechargeable Nano-Sanitizer Spray bottle. Fill it with any water based sanitizer and its ready to go!

Rechargeable : Comes with inbuilt rechargeable Battery. USB cable provided for charging. Fully charges in about 1.5 hours.

Handheld Sized : Nano size makes it very handy and portable for easy carrying.

Now worry less about getting home and then cleaning it all.

Sanitize quickly in a hands-free manner with this nano sanitizer spray. 


Note: To be used with RO Water if used as a Hyderator, Use with Water Based Sanitizer if used for sanitization. (Do Not Use Gel Based Sanitizer!)


Set of 2

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