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Latest Award Winning Solar Powered Wireless Car Cooler

₹ 2,699.00₹ 3,999.00

  • Model: 7Z-754
  • Name: Solar Powered Car Air Vent Cool Fan
  • Easy to install and portable, solar powered, needs no batteries
  • Clean air and blows hot air out of parked car
  • Fit for most car windows
  • Material: Plastic+Monocrystallinesilicon
  • Colors: Black
  • Size: about 148 x 58 x 110mm
  • Strip Length: about 740mm
  • Powered by: Solar
  • Power: 0.5W
  • Voltage: 2V, 120ma
 Installation Instruction:
  • Roll down the front or rear window on your car about 4-5 inches
  • Chip the auto vent cooler deluxe onto the window
  • Next size the weather stripping fit in both ends of the auto vent cooler deluxe.
  • Slide the remaining weather stripping onto the opposite side of the window and work your way to the auto vent cooler deluxe
  • Slowly Roll the window closed
Five functions of the product:
  • 1. Cool: No longer feel hot when you just enter the car.
  • 2. Deodorization: Purify air, removes in the unusual smell and the fetid odor.
  • 3. As Demister when rainy day.
  • 4. Protect the car electric appliance: The car electrical and electronic items will due to high temperature and affect its performance and service life.
  • 5. Health: Air convection is good for health to you and your family enjoy a non-toxic harmless to the environment.

Package includes:
  • 1 x Strip
  • 1 X Auto fan
  • 1 X Instruction Manual
Note: The auto vent cooler deluxe dose not work on dark tinted windows.

The auto vent cooler deluxe should not be used on cars that do not have a door frame above the window.

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