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Smart Car Charger with Bluetooth Headset

₹ 890.00

  • AUTO ANSWER / HANG UP: Driving call-safe and convenient,pick up to receive calls,put back hang up,simple and convenient.
  • AUTOMATIC CHARGING DESIGN: Car start-up state,headset chimerism magnetic suction homing design,intelligent scan detection can be automatically discharged down,charging full stop.
  • ANTI-SHAKE and ANTI-LOST: Magnetic suction base design,headset tightly clasped the base,travel bumps in the headset is not afraid of lost outside.
  • APPLIES TO MOST DEVICES: 5V / 2.4A high current output, fully compatible with mobile phones, tablet, mobile power and other digital equipment, product safety fast charge.
  • APPLICABLE TO A VARIETY OF CAR MODELS: Safe hammer shrapnel contact design, compatible with 99% of the mainstream market models, car type, SUV type, business and other types of cars can be used.
  • APPLICABLE FOR 6-MONTH WARRANTY: We provide a 6-month warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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