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Rock Hammer Car Charger (2.4A) with Smart Bluetooth Earphone (Auto ON/OFF)

₹ 2,499.00₹ 2,999.00

  • PORTABLE BLUETOOTH (4.0) EARPHONE - auto answer/ hang up, auto recharge
  • FAST CHARGE USB OUTPUT PORT - 2.4A fast charge. The maximum output reaches upto 3.4A that can rapid charge devices.
  • SMART IDENTIFICATION - Built-in IC provides optimum charging current for different devices
  • SAFETY HAMMER - In emergency situations, the stainless steel hammer can be used as a car window breaker to shatter glass
  • MAGNETIC DESIGN - With a magnetic charging dock, you can place the earphone on it for store and recharge without worrying about loss
  • EASE OF USE - When you get calls, simply pick up the earphone to answer calls and put it back to end the call, no need to press any button.
  • REFINED INSIDE & OUTSIDE - Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Input Overvoltage Protection, Output Overcurrent Protection, Input Overcurrent Protection, Overcharge Protection
  • GOOD ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY - Brass Contactor, Low Impedance, Good Conductivity, Low Temperature